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TTC Week: Metropass users feel penalized for loyalty: The Fixer

Posted by Oped 4 hours ago Toronto Star| ttc week metropass users feel penalized loyalty fixer All — If the TTC values customer loyalty, shouldn’t Metropass users be rewarded with a discount for paying a month in advance?When riders who shell out $141.50 for a monthly pass compare it to the cost of using tokens, many find they’re paying a premium, instead of getting a break.Several readers raised it as a question for TTC Week, saying a Metropass is not a very good deal, except for Read More
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York University tunnel rosary has everyone stumped

Posted by Oped 4 hours ago Toronto Star| york university tunnel rosary stumped All — “And she has pictures of the Virgin Mary and the Sacred Heart of Jesus all over the shop, and she’s forever on her knees abroad in St. Joseph’s chapel clackin’ her rosary beads an’ breathing like a virgin martyr . . .”— Frank McCourt, Angela’s Ashes.Sometimes, in the twilight gloom of a Saturday afternoon, traditional confession time in Toro Read More
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Gender is more than just genitals, Toronto writer says

Posted by Oped 4 hours ago Toronto Star| gender genitals toronto writer says All — A new amendment to the transgender rights bill draws a line in the sand between transgender people who have had a surgical sex change and those who haven’t.According to the amendment, which passed in the Senate Wednesday along with Bill C-279, the legislation will not apply to “sex-specific” federal facilities like women’s shelters, bathrooms, locker rooms and prisons. Read More
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Brampton staff misled council on land deal, lawsuit alleges

Posted by Oped 4 hours ago Toronto Star| brampton staff misled council land deal lawsuit alleges All — Brampton staff misled council ahead of a March 2011 vote to approve a massive downtown redevelopment project, setting off a chain of events that led to the loss of $480,000, according to allegations in a lawsuit against the city. Staff had told council moments prior to the vote that a key parcel of land included in the proposal for the $500-million redevelopment project had already been secured b Read More
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Former Ford chief is new Liberal honcho

Posted by Oped 4 hours ago Toronto Star| former ford chief liberal honcho All — A veteran political operative who was former Toronto mayor Rob Ford’s chief of staff at the height of the crack cocaine controversy is the new executive director of Premier Kathleen Wynne’s Ontario Liberal Party.Earl Provost, who moved to run former deputy mayor Norm Kelly’s office after city council stripped Ford of most of his powers due to the crack scandal, will take the Read More
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24 ways of looking at #TheDress: Keenan

Posted by Oped 4 hours ago Toronto Star| ways thedress keenan All — It is the dress that took over the entire internet. On Thursday evening and into Friday morning, seemingly the entire internet was captivated by a bitter argument over a dress, after a photo of the dress began circulating on social media, and was then posted on Buzzfeed and other sites. At issue was its colour — in the photo, it was self-evidently white and gold. Except that to other peopl Read More
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Former Alouettes trainer jailed for life in Australia for role in drug ring

Posted by Oped 4 hours ago Toronto Star| former alouettes trainer jailed life australia role drug ring All — A former part-time trainer for the Montreal Alouettes has been sentenced to life in prison in Australia for his role in helping to set up one of the biggest drug rings in the country’s history.Mark Clermont, 36, was a trainer with the Alouettes when the team won the Grey Cup in 2009. Unless he successfully appeals the sentence, he has no chance of parole for 20 years.His accomplice, Canadi Read More
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Stephen Harper appears in Costco's magazine, doesn’t make the cover

Posted by Oped 4 hours ago Toronto Star| stephen harper appears costcos magazine doesnt cover All — Prime Minister Stephen Harper, known for avoiding the media, gave an exclusive interview to Costco’s magazine.Except for the occasional holiday TV interview, Harper is known for eschewing one-on-ones with Canadian journalists and limiting the number of questions he’ll take from media during press conferences.But he gave a full two-page spread to Costco Connection, a member’s Read More
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