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EDITORIAL: Ontario Summer Games a great test for Toronto 2015

Posted by Oped 1952 days ago Inside Toronto| editorial ontario summer games great test toronto All — As excitement about the Pan Am Games coming to Toronto in 2015 begins to build, local residents will have a great chance to go through a test exercise on hosting a major athletic event this coming August as the Ontario Summer... Read More
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EDITORIAL: Reform to Condo Act necessary to protect owners

Posted by Oped 1958 days ago Inside Toronto| editorial reform condo act protect owners All — Condos dot the Toronto skyline, and are now popping up across the entire city - in particular soon-to-intensify areas along Sheppard and Eglinton avenues and south Etobicoke as transit (of some kind) gets built.However, a... Read More
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EDITORIAL: Residents need to engage locally on federal riding boundaries

Posted by Oped 1959 days ago Inside Toronto| editorial residents engage locally federal riding boundaries All — It's not just at election time when, as a constituent, you have the chance to get your voice heard. One such opportunity - the redrawing of federal electoral boundaries - is taking place over the next several months... Read More
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EDITORIAL: Get out and explore your neighbourhood

Posted by Oped 1965 days ago Inside Toronto| editorial explore neighbourhood All — Started in Toronto in May of 2007, Jane's Walks have become popular worldwide - now taking place in 15 countries - and Scarborough, Etobicoke and North York residents will have lots of choices when it comes to taking part... Read More
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EDITORIAL: Strong neighbourhoods a priority for a strong Toronto

Posted by Oped 1972 days ago Inside Toronto| editorial strong neighbourhoods priority strong toronto All — Yesterday Toronto Community News ran special reports across its nine newspapers focusing on matters of building stronger communities, in particular, training a magnifying glass on the city's 'Priority Neighbourhoods... Read More
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EDITORIAL: Board of health must be cautious with speed reduction recommendation

Posted by Oped 1973 days ago Inside Toronto| editorial board health cautious speed reduction recommendation All — The trouble with one-size-fits-all recommendations is that they tend to create as many challenges as they address.The city's medical officer of health, Dr. David McKeown, is recommending the city support reducing... Read More
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EDITORIAL: The advantage of an entrepreneurial background

Posted by Oped 1976 days ago Inside Toronto| editorial advantage entrepreneurial background All — There's no room for visions of sugarplums when in the practical planning phase of starting a new business.If your expectations, your practices and your plan is not grounded in reality, you're scuppered before you... Read More
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EDITORIAL: Mayor's weight challenge needs a boost

Posted by Oped 1980 days ago Inside Toronto| editorial mayors weight challenge boost All — Mayor Rob Ford's weight-loss challenge was the last thing on anyone's mind Monday at his weekly weigh-in after two PETA activists clad in lettuce bikinis crashed the party. For Ford's part, he paid them... Read More
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