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EDITORIAL: Referendums could help with decision doldrums

Posted by Oped 1986 days ago Inside Toronto| editorial referendums decision doldrums All — Engaging the electorate is difficult at the best of times. And despite the 50.55 per cent voter turnout during the 2010 municipal election in Toronto, numbers have been historically low.The limited use of a referendum may... Read More
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EDITORIAL: Don't be a target for smart phone theft

Posted by Oped 1987 days ago Inside Toronto| editorial target smart phone theft All — You can't deny it - smart phones are in high demand these days for plugged-in youth and anyone with technological leanings. As has been the case with all cellphones and MP3 players, the device has become a status symbol... Read More
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EDITORIAL: Need for transit improvement not restricted to infrastructure

Posted by Oped 2001 days ago Inside Toronto| editorial transit improvement restricted infrastructure All — Improving Toronto's transportation system will take a combination of initiatives, including increased capacity, prudent route planning, and improved customer service. But a key point of making improvements to anything... Read More
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EDITORIAL: Time for Ford to pick up the pieces

Posted by Oped 2007 days ago Inside Toronto| editorial time ford pick pieces All — After two days of frustrating debate and little constructive progress, council finally voted to install light rail in Scarborough along Sheppard Avenue East. It's a fully funded option, backed by the expert panel formed... Read More
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EDITORIAL: Inquest into police shooting worthwhile

Posted by Oped 2008 days ago Inside Toronto| editorial inquest police shooting worthwhile All — The police shooting death of 29-year-old Michael Eligon on an East York street last month was a tragedy. Whether it was an avoidable tragedy should be the focus of a coroner's inquest.On Monday, the province's... Read More
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EDITORIAL: There's a growing need for Big Brothers Big Sisters

Posted by Oped 2014 days ago Inside Toronto| editorial growing big brothers big sisters All — Over the past few days our website ( has featured stories of youth benefiting from their participation in the Big Brothers Big Sisters of Toronto program (BBBST). The lives of Scarborough's 13... Read More
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EDITORIAL: Herb Carnegie's sustainable legacy

Posted by Oped 2015 days ago Inside Toronto| editorial herb carnegies sustainable legacy All — There's an arena at Bathurst Street and Finch Avenue which bears his name. There's also a public school north of Toronto. An honourary degree from York University. Membership in the Order of Canada. But for Herb... Read More
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EDITORIAL: Community engagement key to social equality

Posted by Oped 2021 days ago Inside Toronto| editorial community engagement key social equality All — Something powerful happens when you give someone a voice. On a political, social and economic level, giving a person - a community - the opportunity to be heard and be involved can mean the difference between success and... Read More
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