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Editorial: Roadwork co-ordination needs a clear direction

Posted by Oped 1143 days ago Montreal Gazette| editorial roadwork coordination clear direction All — A new survey has revealed what many in the Montreal region already know: traffic congestion is a serious source of stress that has deleterious effects on people’s lives at home and at work. Read More
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Editorial: More needs to be done to combat poaching

Posted by Oped 1169 days ago Montreal Gazette| editorial combat poaching All — Recent evidence suggests poaching is a growing problem in Canada, and that Canadians are deeply involved internationally as buyers and sellers. Read More
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Editorial: Tories haven’t grasped the cost of wedge politics

Posted by Oped 1170 days ago Montreal Gazette| editorial tories havent grasped cost wedge politics All — Once again the Conservatives under Stephen Harper have resorted to a low blow to attack the credibility of Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau, and once again the smear has backfired. Read More
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Editorial: It’s time for Montreal’s main film festival to refocus

Posted by Oped 1171 days ago Montreal Gazette| editorial its time montreals main film festival refocus All — The Festival des films du monde president is owed a debt of gratitude, but the event needs modern management. Read More
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Editorial: Dealing with the telecoms shouldn’t be the pain it is

Posted by Oped 1172 days ago Montreal Gazette| editorial dealing telecoms shouldnt pain is All — A Sherbrooke man’s $3,300 award against Vidéotron, over a $13.29 invoice for an extra week of service after he gave notice of cancellation, is a moral victory for exasperated Canadian consumers. Read More
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Editorial: Garneau has a clear view of cycling integration

Posted by Oped 1174 days ago Montreal Gazette| editorial garneau clear view cycling integration All — Once again this summer, cycling has migrated back up to the top of the city's and province's policy preoccupations, as the warm non-winter months have brought commuting and recreational cyclists back onto the paved roads and gravelled paths they share with motorists and pedestrians. Read More
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Editorial: The oil industry isn’t defending itself very well

Posted by Oped 1184 days ago Montreal Gazette| editorial oil industry isnt defending well All — It has been a bad week for the Canadian oil industry. On Monday, town councillors in South Portland, Me., passed a land-use ordinance that would effectively bar any oil extracted on this continent from passing through the major seaport in that city. South Portland is the entryway for the Portland Montreal Pipeline, which ships foreign oil to the Suncor refinery in the east of Montreal. Read More
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Editorial: It’s in our interest for the Bills to stay in Buffalo

Posted by Oped 1187 days ago Montreal Gazette| editorial its bills stay buffalo All — News reports revealing that rocker Jon Bon Jovi is part of a Toronto-based group interested in buying the Buffalo Bills should be a concern to the Canadian Football League and its many fans in this country. Read More
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