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Anti-G20 activists want your help in spreading the hate

Posted by Oped 2710 days ago National Post| antig activists spreading hate All
http://network.nationalpost.com —  Are you a woman, person of colour, indigenous person, poor person, queer, trans-gendered or disabled?

If so, the G8/G20 Toronto Community Mobilization team assumes you
must sympathize with civic disruption, lawbreaking and maybe even a
little good old fashioned terror. They want your help. They're
mobilizing to disrupt the gathering of democratically elected
politicians who are meeting in Toronto next month and they assume --
just because you're a woman or a disabled person - that you must hate
civilized society as much as they do.

That's their logo, above.
The CN Tower, torn from its roots, used to stab the G20 like a knife in
the heart. Gee, isn't that inclusive, co-operative and non-violent.
Hard to imagine anything more likely to attract widespread public
support than an image like that. Hey, women and indiginous people,
wanna stab some white guys? How about you, queers and indigenous
people? Because we here at the Community Mobilization team take for
granted that you must be as twisted, angry, vengeful and keening for
violence as we are.
So eager are the Community Mobilization folks that they have a web site
offering tips on how to avoid co-operating with police, and what to do
if you get arrested -- which course will happen because you'll just be
peacefully minding your own business, same way those anti-G20 folks
were minding their own business when a Royal Bank branch in Ottawa suddenly burst into flame from spontaneous combustion.

So, join up! As the Community Mobilization people put it: "We will organize for these days of action by deepening our roots.
With sisters, brothers, friends and allies, we will shut down the
places, the systems and the ideas that exploit and exclude us."

Because we hate everything. Don't you?

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