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Today's ridiculously lame excuses for MPs to avoid an audit

Posted by Oped 2710 days ago National Post| todays ridiculously lame excuses mps avoid audit All — Peter Van Loan: "As you know, right now, MPs' expenses are subject to an audit by anoutside auditor, the summaries are publicly disclosed and beyond thatyou're best to talk to the Board of Internal Economy."Except, of course, we can't talk to the Board of Internal Economy, because all its deliberations are secret, and its members refuse to divulge what they discussed. & Read More
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Adrian MacNair: People drive their cars because it's better than transit

Posted by Oped 2710 days ago National Post| adrian macnair people drive cars transit All — Nearly 8 in 10 people claim to be concernedabout the environmental impact of driving, but even when walking,biking or public transit are viable options for them, three-quarters ofCanadians will still choose to drive. This according to a surveyconducted for WWF-Canada, which polled 2,002 people in the country.WWF blames urban sprawl, inconvenient public transit, and lifestylesthat are organized ar Read More
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Chris Selley's Full Pundit: Charge of the so-con brigade

Posted by Oped 2710 days ago National Post| chris selleys pundit charge socon brigade All —  What leadership doesn’t look likeLike a dried up leaf in an autumn breeze, Michael Ignatieffarrives at a new policy position.We don’t know if we’re pleased to see Mr. Ignatieff bendingon allowing the Auditor-General access to MP expenses, or just saddened to seea smart guy take another predictably cynical stance, then cynically abandon itwhen the polls told him there might be something to g Read More
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Tasha Kheiriddin: Regis and Kelly meet the taxpayers of Green Gables

Posted by Oped 2710 days ago National Post| tasha kheiriddin regis kelly meet taxpayers green gables All — I must confess I don’t watch morning television.  Mornings are spent either working, chasing my toddler around the house, or a crazy combination of both.  But even if I had the time, the appeal of watching lifestyle shows like Live! With Regis and Kelly escapes me.  It doesn’t escape their more than 3 million viewers, however, who devotedly tune in every day.  And it apparent Read More
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Remember, Britain made fun of the Vancouver Olympics

Posted by Oped 2710 days ago National Post| remember britain fun vancouver olympics All —  And then they produced this I think I had nightmares involving these mascots long before theybecame the brain child of the London 2012 Olympic Organizing Committee.The one-eyed creatures, called Wenlock and Mandeville, come a closesecond to the hideousness of the London 2012 logo design, which if carefully reorganized, spells a rather more appropriate word.Amazingly enough, these walki Read More
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Martin Masse: Libertarians are divided but dissatisfied on abortion

Posted by Oped 2710 days ago National Post| martin masse libertarians divided dissatisfied abortion All — In her thoughtful analysis of the current legal vacuum regarding abortion ("An unavoidable debate," May 18), Tasha Kheiriddin commits the widespread oversimplification of confusing libertarian positions on this issue with those of leftists and feminists. They are all content with the present state of affairs, she writes, because they believe that "(t)he state has no business in the Read More
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Cheri DiNovo's a politician. She's busy. You're not

Posted by Oped 2710 days ago National Post| cheri dinovos politician busy not All — Cheri DiNovo, an NDP member of the Ontario legislature, has introduced a private members' bill that would require drivers to  provide a three-foot berth to cyclists on city streets and four or five feet on highways.At first glance, requiring cars to constantly swerve out of the way of cyclists sounds a bit batty, especially on the narrow, congested streets of Toronto, where veering even Read More
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Lorne Gunter: Civil servants love illegal smokes too

Posted by Oped 2710 days ago National Post| lorne gunter civil servants love illegal smokes too All — Monday in Ottawa, the Canadian Convenience Stores Association (CCSA)  released a study showing that federal civil servants   are as guilty as anyone of buying smuggled cigarettes. Twenty-two percent of cigarettes smoked by employees of the Supreme Court of Canada were contraband, as were 32% of those smoked by Finance Ministry workers.How, exactly, did the CCSA arrive at these figu Read More
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