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Matt Gurney: Someone needs to explain to the NDP what 'temporary' means

Posted by Oped 2682 days ago National Post| matt gurney explain ndp temporary means All — Olivia Chow would make a terrible house guest. The NDP MP and the party’s critic for immigration andcitizenship is all aflutter about the gradual shift in Canada’s immigrationpolicies. Although we continue to let in an astonishing 250,000+ new immigrantsa year, labour shortages in certain sectors -- principally agriculture andin-home childcare -- required some raw brawn. That demand is partially Read More
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National Post editorial board: Pablo Rodriguez’s oddly soft ride

Posted by Oped 2682 days ago National Post| national post editorial board pablo rodriguezs oddly soft ride All — Double-standard,anyone? While former Minister of State for Women's Issues HelenaGuergis was unceremoniously dumped by her party over allegations ofethical improprieties involving her husband, across the aisle anotherMP faces criminal charges, yet still retains both his critic's post andcaucus seat.We are referring to the case of Montreal MP Pablo Rodriguez, Liberalcritic for Canadian Heri Read More
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Jonathan Kay: Is the Pope Catholic?

Posted by Oped 2682 days ago National Post| jonathan kay pope catholic All — Stop the presses! Cardinal Marc Ouellet, the primate of the Catholic Church in Canada, has created shock waves across Canada by ... reiterating conventional Church doctrine on the subject of abortion.Speaking at a recent pro-life conference in Quebec City, the Cardinal said that abortion is a "moral crime"; and that it is unacceptable even in the case of rape. That's an extreme posi Read More
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Tasha Kheiriddin: Caucus conundrum: Guergis still out, Rodriguez still in

Posted by Oped 2682 days ago National Post| tasha kheiriddin caucus conundrum guergis out rodriguez in All — Just what does it take to get kicked out of caucus these days?  I guess it depends who your boss is, or how much media attention your transgressions receive.  Apparently, husbands behaving badly get you the boot, while criminal charges do not.  Your story can even get buried in the back pages of national newspapers, including, I am embarrassed to say, this one.I am referring here Read More
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More science for the incredibly dim: Hot dogs aren't health food

Posted by Oped 2682 days ago National Post| more science incredibly dim hot dogs health food All —  Big science news of the day: Eating processed meats is a health risk.Here's how CBS put it:If you had a hunch eating bacon, sausage and hot dogs wasn't good for you, there's research to back you up. Processed meats can increase the risk of heart disease by 42 percentand diabetes by 19 percent, U.S. researchers said Monday in the lateststudy on dietary health risks. However, unpr Read More
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Chris Selley's Full Pundit: Our money, our business

Posted by Oped 2682 days ago National Post| chris selleys pundit money business All — Sendin the A-GNo,actually, we won'tshutup until you open your books.Today'sdemands for MPs to subject their expense accounts to theAuditor-General's scrutiny come from the Canadian Taxpayers'Federation's KevinGaudet inthe Sun Media papers, from PaulSchneidereit inthe Halifax Chronicle-Herald,and from the CalgaryHerald's,NationalPost'sandGlobeand Mail'seditorialists Read More
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Tom Gross: Britain's 'privileged little rich boys' play government

Posted by Oped 2682 days ago National Post| tom gross britains privileged rich boys play government All — For Conservatives who have grown excited about Britain’s newConservative-led coalition (which many are already calling the“ConDems”), there is a welcome dose of reality by leading Britishcommentator Douglas Murray in the Wall Street Journal Europe. In the speech that secured his Tory leadership in2005, David Cameron told the party faithful that they must “change towin.” For five years, amid cons Read More
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National Post editorial board: Europe's unsustainable status quo:

Posted by Oped 2682 days ago National Post| national post editorial board europes unsustainable status quo All —  Just a week after Europe's finance ministers finalized a $1-trillion bailout package for governments with ailing economies, the continent's debt crisis has worsened -- so much so that Germany is rumoured to be considering pulling out from the European Union's common currency, the euro.The theory behind a single European currency and financial market is a good one: Impose strict Read More
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