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Stephen Harper on the road to pop stardom

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I can't really get upset at Stephen Harper doing the dopey Abbey Road walk while in London with the family. It's about as cliched as you can get, but check the look on the face of his son, Ben. If the prime minister is willing to look a bit silly because it makes his kids happy, more power to him.

It's a bit much that the PMO is so careful to ensure these cozy family moments get distributed far and wide, but given that the Liberals have invested years of effort into persuading Canadians Harper is a cold-blooded, woman-hating religious nut with no normal feelings, it's understandable. Can you imagine Michael Ignatieff doing the Abbey Road walk? They'd have to issue a new definition of the word "uncomfortable", with a picture of the Liberal leader. I doubt he could bring himself to do it.

But what is a bit annoying is what's going on in the background. i.e. the Harpers' security detail stopped traffic so they could do the walk and get the required picture. There's already a line of cars being delayed.

Motorists around Abbey Road must be accustomed to tourists doing their Beatles imitation, but most people have to time the traffic, race onto the crosswalk and get the snapshot before the next cabbie or motorcycle courier comes tearing wildly through. Prime Ministers get to make everyone wait.

Just another perk of the office.

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