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Should governments legislate food or should consumers make their own choices?

Posted by Oped 2849 days ago CBC| should governments legislate food consumers choices All — British Columbia became the first Canadian province to restrict trans fat in restaurant food starting Wednesday, but as critics point out, the restri Read More
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Smoking-related illness: Who should pay the cost?

Posted by Oped 2849 days ago CBC| smokingrelated illness pay cost All — Quebec is preparing to launch a lawsuit against the tobacco industry to recoup medical costs for smoking-related illnesses.CBC News has learned that Read More
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Thanksgiving dinner: Share your best recipes

Posted by Oped 2849 days ago CBC| thanksgiving dinner share recipes All — For many Canadians Thanksgiving weekend is synonymous with great food. From roast turkey to pumpkin pie, the holiday is rich with recipes.Do you make Read More
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Canadians: Are you planning to go to the U.S. to get the H1N1 vaccine?

Posted by Oped 2849 days ago CBC| canadians planning us hn vaccine All — The U.S. will start administering the first doses of a nasal spray version of the swine flu vaccine early next week, health officials say.The FluMist Read More
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