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Super Bowl XLIV: Did you watch it?

Posted by Oped 2811 days ago CBC| super bowl xliv watch it All — New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees celebrates with his son Baylen after winning the Super Bowl over the Indianapolis Colts in Miami. The Saint Read More
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Another Facebook redesign: Does the site change too often?

Posted by Oped 2811 days ago CBC| another facebook redesign site change often All — Facebook Canada has alerted users that they will see changes to the site by Tuesday.The latest redesign of the world's larges social networking site Read More
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Winter sports: Do you know your safety facts?

Posted by Oped 2811 days ago CBC| winter sports safety facts All — A group of snowmobilers line up at a gas station in Mt. Brydges,Ontario. (CP/Dave Chidley)A great way to beat the winter blues is to stay active outd Read More
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Cleaning supplies: Do you know what's in your products?

Posted by Oped 2814 days ago CBC| cleaning supplies products All — Environmental advocates have reached back to a 1971 New York state law in an effort to force manufacturers to list the chemicals found in household s Read More
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Obese teens: Is surgery the right answer?

Posted by Oped 2814 days ago CBC| obese teens surgery answer All —  Canadian teens who are severely obese because of medical conditions will be offered weight-loss surgery in a new program described as the first Read More
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Dietary requests: How much is too much?

Posted by Oped 2814 days ago CBC| dietary requests much All — The Roman Catholic Church should do more to accommodate people with celiac disease who can't eat the consecrated bread offered during mass, says a Ca Read More
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Ski trips: Should they be cancelled?

Posted by Oped 2814 days ago CBC| ski trips cancelled All — An 11-year-old girl who died on a school ski trip Thursday had skied before, said the principal of her Perth, Ont., public school.The girl has not be Read More
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Language lost: Should dying dialects be preserved?

Posted by Oped 2814 days ago CBC| language lost dying dialects preserved All — According to a BBC story published Feb. 4, the last living speaker of an ancient Indian language recently passed away, taking with her the legacy of Read More
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