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Battling cancer: Are you a young patient who has struggled after treatment?

Posted by Oped 2816 days ago CBC| battling cancer young patient struggled treatment All — A new study is examining shortcomings in after-treatment care for young cancer patients in Atlantic Canada.Cancer is widely perceived as a disease of Read More
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Dangerous driving: Will you slow down?

Posted by Oped 2817 days ago CBC| dangerous driving slow down All — Each hour spent behind the wheel in North America represents a20-minute loss in life expectancy based on the risk of fatal crashes, a new computer mo Read More
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Tanning beds: Do you use them?

Posted by Oped 2817 days ago CBC| tanning beds them All — A nurse who initially ignored a dark spot on her leg that turned out tobe skin cancer is urging young women to learn the facts about indoortanning.T Read More
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NASA funding: Where should the money go?

Posted by Oped 2817 days ago CBC| nasa funding money go All — NASA moon mission killed: How do you feel about the U.S. government's decision to redirect funding into new research and technology?President Barack Read More
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Parking Mobility: Which apps do you love?

Posted by Oped 2817 days ago CBC| parking mobility apps love All — Woman using snow report app while skiing.Parking Mobility is a new iPhone application that not only helps motorists with disabilities to find accessi Read More
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Academy Awards: Which film will take best picture?

Posted by Oped 2817 days ago CBC| academy awards film picture All — 2010 Academy Awards: Who do you think will take home best picture?From billion-dollar Hollywood blockbusters like Avatar to animated features like Up Read More
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Suspended drivers: How do you stop them from continuing to drive?

Posted by Oped 2818 days ago CBC| suspended drivers stop continuing drive All — CBC News cameras caught a handful of men driving minutes after having their licences suspended -- just a few examples of the vast number of people w Read More
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Social media: Should it be used to locate missing persons?

Posted by Oped 2818 days ago CBC| social media locate missing persons All — Police in Belleville, Ont., are asking people with informationregarding the disappearance of a 27-year-old woman to call them insteadof posting it t Read More
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