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Rental cars:Have you been gouged by a car rental company?

Posted by Oped 2810 days ago CBC| rental carshave gouged car rental company All
http://www.cbc.ca — An Edmonton businessman is warning Olympic visitors to beware of getting gouged by car rental companies. Jim Galpin was recently presented with a $1,100 bill to repair a windshield chip on a Kia Rio he had rented. He believes the Vancouver rental company grossly inflated the charges."I thought it was ridiculous," Galpin said in an interview. "I'm concerned that charges for damages like this could be a real lucrative revenue generator - when you have the number of people who are coming into Vancouver in the next few weeks over the Olympic period."CBC News spoke with two windshield repair outlets - Crystal Glass and Speedy Auto  Glass - which quoted a price of $25 to $60 to repair a small chip with no cracks. The repair shops also estimated a windshield replacement on a Kia Rio should not cost more than $750.Read more: Have you been hit with an unreasonable rental car repair bill? Tell us your story.
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